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An amazing recognition for Sarah Hijmans!

We couldn't be prouder for our Jargonium team and the recognition its editors' have received this past few months.

After Karoliina's recognition as a runner-up for the IUHPST Essay Prize, now another editor of Jargonium- Sarah Hijmans- receives the prestigious JCJC Prize "Prix Jeunes chercheurs et jeunes chercheuses" awarded by the Society for the Philosophy of Sciences (Société de philosophie des sciences).

This award is given for Sarah's paper « Analogy and composition in eartly nineteenth-century chemistry: the case of aluminium » published in the European Journal for Philosophy of Science.

Sarah offers a wonderful short analysis of some of the themes that are explored in her paper, in this Jargonium article.

We are extremely proud!!!!

You can find out more about Sarah's award here:

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