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24th Conference of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (12-21 July 2021)

The annual conference of the International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) is held online this year and organised by the research team lead by Prof. Olimpia Lombardi in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jargonium is participating in the conference with Sarah and Vanessa who will each present their work.

Specifically, on Wednesday the 15th of July, Vanessa will present together with Alexander Franklin their joint paper "The problem of molecular structure just is the measurement problem". Click here to read Alex's short piece about their work.

Then on the 21st of July, Sarah will present the talk "The many fathers of aluminium: Collaboration, credit and the construction of discovery". Click here to read Sarah's short piece in Jargonium about aluminium.

The ISPC conference is the largest and most well- established annual event that is dedicated to discussing issues around the history and philosophy of chemistry. It brings together scholars from around the world and who explore chemistry and its multifaceted impact on the history and philosophy of science.

For full details about the conference, the program and book of abstracts:

You can watch all the talks of the ISPC2021 conference on YouTube

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