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20-24 July: Virtual HistSTM Chemistry Week

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

From 20 to 24 July, Virtual HistSTM group sessions will be dedicated to History of Chemistry.

The Virtual HistSTM group has been organizing weekly themed online sessions on the history of science, technology and medicine since the coronavirus lockdown. It was founded by Sarah Qidwai (University of Toronto) and has grown into a group with 300+ members!

Join us this week as we will be discussing history of alchemy and chemistry:

On Tuesday 21 July, 5 pm CEST/11 am EDT, we will be attending an external event hosted by the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. Tim Fulford, Professor of English at De Montfort University will speak about the publication of Davy's correspondence: “The greatest chemist that has ever appeared?”: Humphry Davy as Revealed in His Correspondence"

Later that night, at 11 pm EDT, Kelcey Gibbons will teach us the game 'Into the Archives' which she designed.

On Thursday 23 July, 6 pm CEST/noon EDT, join us for a session “Narrating the history of science through ‘big figures’” with Michael D. Gordin and Brigitte Van Tiggelen. We will take stock on the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT19) and hear more about the two new books Women in their Element and Einstein in Bohemia.

Friday 24 July at noon EDT/6 pm CEST, there will be a reading group with Tillmann Taape on the Reconstruction of experiments as a historical method. Tillmann, of the Making and Knowing Project at Columbia University, will join us to discuss the ways in which hands-on reconstruction can be useful as a historical method, based on his own experience as a historian in the laboratory as well as further readings.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to Sarah Qidwai and the steering committee for making these meetings possible. Sign up for the Virtual HistSTM newsletter here.

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