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Chemical Elements and
the Periodic Table(s)

Today, the periodic table is an icon of chemistry which we can find on the wall of almost every chemistry classroom and even on mugs and t-shirts. But this table also has an interesting history which involves much more than just Dmitri Mendeleev’s discovery in 1869. Moreover, every single element classified in the table has its own story that points to a variety of historical and philosophical questions. In fact, even the nature of the concept of chemical element itself is still very much a matter of debate.
This page showcases the posts on the topic of chemical elements and the periodic table(s) that have been published in Jargonium so far. They range from specific stories of discovery, some of which of very little known elements, to philosophical and methodological questions.
How did chemists know whether they were dealing with a chemical element? What can we learn from the multiple discoveries of the periodic table? And where does the name ‘Jargonium’ come from?
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